during this covid time we were

warned that violence, depression,

suicide, would increase; statistics

have proved this to be the case

story: my sister a year older than I

suffered sudden clinical depression

in college she was hospitalized

given shock treatments the then

therapy returned home with blotto

memory I was living at the farm going

to beloit college Pat rejoined our old

bedroom I'd supposed she'd been

cured but no, night after night in the

other twin bed she wept while I talked

nonsense to her, sang, recited poetry,

until she'd finally fall asleep at 3 or 4

(she told me in later years, "Jack, you

saved my life!") she transferred to

beloit, where I and my brother were

enrolled I had to lead her around like

a baby for her erased memory was

only starting to come back: two terms

later my dad got a splendid note from

his friend jim gage who was also beloit's

alum director citing the outstanding

grade point averages of the three Dougan

sibs and saying he was especially pleased

with Patricia who had progressed from a D

level in her first term to an A in her most

recent: he was glad to have Ron's kids in BC

Pat's reaction: "I think my profs were flummoxed

at how quickly I went from 'stupid' to 'superior'!"

2021 Jacqueline Jackson

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