Springfield’s oldest home, Elijah Iles House, has a new exhibit about Camp Butler that includes artifacts from soldiers who were at the camp. A few of the items on display are photographs, uniforms, medical gear, cartes de visite, sword and gun display, and an original mourner’s badge from Lincoln’s funeral. April 13 from 6-9 p.m., the nonprofit organization that runs the home is holding a fundraiser to benefit the site. The gathering includes a preview of the exhibit, wine, food, auction and speaker. The speaker is Dr. Michael Burlingame, author, Lincoln scholar and Naomi B. Lynn distinguished chair in Lincoln Studies at the University of Illinois Springfield. Mark McDonald will be auctioneer. Make reservations online at ileshouse.org or via phone. The exhibit opens to the public April 20, 12-4 p.m., and can be viewed through Sept. 30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The home will also have artisans, crafters and a Lincoln impersonator on Saturdays throughout the summer. Camp Butler National Cemetery, a few miles northeast of Springfield, was the second largest military training camp in Illinois during the Civil War and served as an interment site for Union soldiers.

Camp Butler: A Civil War Story
Grand Opening
Saturday, April 13, 6-9pm
Elijah Iles House
628 S. Seventh St.

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