Memorable Memorial Day weekend music

click to enlarge Astrofix hosts a CD release party this Saturday night at Danenberger's Family Vineyards Wine Rocks stage.
Astrofix hosts a CD release party this Saturday night at Danenberger's Family Vineyards Wine Rocks stage.

Let's kick off the summer fun and jump on into this holiday weekend, where special time is given to commemorate our loved ones, as well as an extra bump of live music shows, before the work week commences. May I suggest using this opportunity to your fullest advantage by getting out and experiencing the wide world of music performance available to you?

Thursday begins when Harmony Deep takes Ric Major's handsomely set soundstage at the Curve Inn for a night of deep harmony (see what I did there?) and incredible musicianship. The band, always known for a good song selection done well by some of the best musicians in town, takes it to the limit one more time with their latest lineup, including founding fathers Sam Draper and Brian Cutright, most ably joined by friends Tom Summerlin, Joe Cooke and Howard Freitag. My guess of combined experience by this bunch, doing quick calculations of roughly 40 years each (some more, some less), times five guys, comes to a circa and very cool, two centuries of on-stage musical moments. Now go forth and find out what all that has done for them in being so good at what they do.

The north end intends to rock hard this Friday as the earth will tremble with some sonic- shattering tunes as two of our best rock bands go at it when RockHouse hits The Stadium on Peoria Road and Hat Trick does a number on the Main Gate on Sangamon Avenue.

Also on Friday, north side excitement continues when Brushville brings the full power of the band to Weebles, while Brandon Santini cues up some hard-hittin' blues at Long Bridge. Other Friday fun gives us the Brat Pack doing the 80s and more at Blue Grouch, just as Black Queen does all things Queen at Crows Mill Pub.

For locations out of town, Micah Walk delivers his contemporary acoustic sounds to West of Wise Winery near Petersburg and Small, Small World travels to Roodhouse for a show at Martin Lanes, a neat venue at a restored bowling alley with a large outdoor music space.

There's so much going on this Saturday night I am just going to say that, then move on to one particular event, a CD release party for the band Astrofix at Danenbergers Family Vineyards Wine Rocks stage. Astrofix is the second record for the Rochester-based outfit fronted by singer-songwriter-musician Jamie Merideth, who along with bandmates and accomplished players Phil Cooper, Dave Primeaux, Andy Jones and Al Haire did most of the recording on their own time and in their own spaces. The 12-song album, currently available on major digital platforms, will be first offered this Saturday evening on a CD format where you can purchase the good stuff, hold it in your hands and carry it home with you after the band autographs your very own copy. Try that with a download!

Get ready for a night of all-original rock music, something you just don't hear much about anymore in this town from the local bands. It's a big deal to compose, perform and record the songs, do all the extra work in producing, mixing and mastering, then design the cover too, plus dealing with the manufacturing, distribution and promotion once you get the product. All the best to Astrofix for accomplishing such a feat, and let's all together now yell, "Long live rock!"

Once again, I am happy to report there's lots more listed in Live Music, including a full lineup of Sunday shows before you head out Monday for your Memorial Day activities.

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