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Everything is better with donuts. The fact that Mel-O-Cream has been a staple in Springfield since the 1930s is testament to that fact. Mel-O-Cream has always been known for its high quality donuts, and the variety offered is unmatched. Mel-O-Cream has classic glazed donuts to jelly filled donuts to everything in between.
In many ways, its facilities have remained unchanged for years, providing familiar comfort to people. Many folks start their day off at Mel-O-Cream every morning with a donut and coffee while sitting at the same table with the same group of people – which they’ve done for years. Fans comment that they find Mel-O-Cream’s service to be outstanding – prompt and always with a smile, even first thing in the morning.
You have to get there early to get the best selection or risk being disappointed because they’ve run out.  Mel-O-Cream is also a staple in many office break rooms. It’s a common occurrence to see a box of assorted donuts in the iconic Mel-O-Cream box, sitting on the break room counter. People just love them and for good reason.

The four Springfield locations have recently come under new ownership. While the new owner, Amanda Crossland, is still finalizing future plans, we are anxious to see any changes that may be coming Mel-O-Cream’s way. We’ve already noticed a bigger social media presence and interaction with customers online.  Mel-O-Cream has been holding a “this or that poll” pitting two different kinds of donuts against each other to see which one its customers like best.  What’s your favorite? 

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