Meet the blogger: Epsom at The Pharmacy Saturday

Epsom in a rare pensive moment (l-r: Tim Harte, Scott Faingold, Steven Sgro). Photo by Kristopher Zander.

Epsom is a minimalistic post-punk garage trio which I cofounded with my friends and musical brothers-in-arms Steven Sgro and Tim Harte (and Epsom emeritus member Gary Walnuts Swaggerty) but that's another story). Our repertoire consists of songs we have written together over the past several months, plus a few covers. Depending on the listener's musical perspective, these covers might well be as unfamiliar as the originals: one of our most popular live songs is a version of Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell by deconstructionist NYC hip-hop group Das Racist, and we always have to sheepishly tell people, nope - didn't write that one. Here is one of our originals:

Epsom will be performing a free, all ages show at The Pharmacy this Saturday at 7 PM. The Pharmacy building (S. Grand and Pasfield) is headquarters for the upstart art collective, not a standard music venue, and this will not be a standard gig. Pharmacy member Rachel Jennings is designing and constructing a colorful stage set especially for the band's performance and other Pharmacy artists will have work on display. Those in attendance will be treated to the debut screening of Epsom's first music video, Bath Salts, shot and edited by Chris Durbin. 

If you can't make it for whatever reason, the show will be streaming live on this very blog. Just come back to Faingold at Large at on Saturday evening, click on the link provided and verily the rock shall stream forth.

If you come to the show, be sure to say hello and let me know what you think of this blog. These are still the early stages and I am always looking for feedback and interesting local and regional subjects to write about, both for the blog and IT proper. Or if you're shy, just send an email to

Time to do my vocal exercises! 

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