Mayor authorizes fines for businesses

Stores must implement policies, enforcement measures

Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder has issued an order requiring businesses to take steps to ensure patrons follow social-distancing protocols or face fines up to $500.
Mayor Jim Langfelder has issued an order authorizing fines against businesses.
Mayor Jim Langfelder has issued an order authorizing fines against businesses.

Under the order, businesses must establish written policies aimed at ensuring that six-foot distancing guidelines are followed and enforced by employees. Businesses must also post signs at entrances recommending face masks, prohibiting no more than two family members from entering a business at one time and discouraging children from entering. The fire department will enforce requirements and respond to complaints. If business owners don’t respond to written warnings are subject to $500 fines.

The order also prohibits waste and garbage haulers from cutting off service to customers who are in arrears.

The order follows a directive issued Wednesday authorizing $500 fines for people present at gatherings of more than 10 or who don't observe six-foot distancing protocols.

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