For more than a decade, this band of musical brothers from the Effingham area have pounded the pavement and graced the stage to bring their proven and provocative mix of country, bluegrass, rock and blues to the masses. From tours in Europe to entertaining the troops (literally) in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, you will find Matt Poss (vocals, acoustic, electric guitars), Adam Burtch (bass guitar, vocals), Rob Rennier (drums, percussion, vocals), Mike (Mac) McDevitt (electric, acoustic, lap steel guitars, vocals) and Jeremy Adam (piano, organ, guitars, accordion, vocals) making music wherever they go. With five full-length albums under the MPB moniker (two on the band’s own imprint Bonfire Records) and another always in the works, they’ve got the recorded goods to match an exciting live performance for the real deal band experience. Check out the MPB website for some cool and unusual items from calendars, washer sets and drinking glasses all set with the band logo to the regular CDs, stickers and T-shirts, plus more information, including a complete tour schedule.

Matt Poss Band
Saturday, March 26, 8pm
Boar’s Nest, Athens

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