With an outstanding reputation as an energetic performer of the blues, Matt Hill is known for his off-the-wall stage antics, as well as his top-notch abilities on guitar and vocals. He started his musical adventures in North Carolina, forming a blues band with drummer Chuck Cotton that made it to the 2005 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Artistically prodded by the styles of John Fogerty and Jerry Lee Lewis, while nurtured by the sounds of Howlin' Wolf and Nappy Brown, Hill's 2010 debut album, On the Floor , garnered him a Blues Music Award for Best New Artist in 2011. Later that year he married blues singer Nikki Hill, relocated to St. Louis and proceeded to play lead guitar to Nikki's singing for the next six years, touring the USA and Europe many times over. He's now out doing his own stuff on a short tour this January and we got lucky when the Illinois Central Blues Club booked him between St. Louis and Chicago gigs.

Matt Hill

Friday, Jan. 17, 7 p.m.

Brookhills Golf Club Bar

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