From the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco and on a spring tour around the country, SFJAZZ Collective makes an appearance at Sangamon Auditorium, UIS on Sunday, March 30. Hailing from around the world with accolades to each of their names, the group consists of eight performers/composers: Miguel Zenón, alto sax; David Sánchez, tenor sax; Avishai Cohen, trumpet; Robin Eubanks, trombone; Warren Wolf, vibraphone, marimba; Edward Simon, piano; Matt Penman, bass; and Obed Calvaire, drums. Sangamon Auditorium’s presentation of SFJAZZ will be dedicated to the memory of Springfield-born Barrett Deems (March 1, 1914-Sept. 15, 1998). Billed as “the fastest drummer in the world,” Deems was Louis Armstrong’s drummer and worked for Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey and Woody Herman. A cake reception will be held in the lobby following the concert in celebration of Deems’ 100th birthday and his 70-year career.

SFJAZZ Collective
Sunday, March 30, 7pm
Sangamon Auditorium
University of Illinois Springfield

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