This week's Sangamon County Board meeting lasted a tick longer than two hours, which is longer than typical. More than half of board members stayed away – and who, really, could blame them – opting to participate remotely and figure out the finer points of mute buttons while they were either listening intently or doing the dishes or whatever. Nearly 20 people were in the chambers, with nearly half not wearing masks. Included in the unmasked ones were board chairman Andy Van Meter and county administrator Brian McFadden, who was in the room briefly at the start and also at the end, breathing unfettered on the assembled, who had gotten there through courthouse doors manned by sheriff's employees who took temperatures. Silly us – we wore a mask. After all, there has been an uptick in local COVID cases since bars, restaurants and other public gathering spots have reopened whilst the Capitol remains closed to the public. Gail O'Neill, county public health director, told board members on Tuesday that social media typically provides more information than the health department on places where an employee or customer has tested positive. As Chuck Berry might say, c'est la vie – it goes to show that you never can tell.

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