After years of playing music in cover bands (including the crazy-popular rockabilly group Meerkat Mobsters), Mark Mills decided to do it “his way” and proceeded to knock out a collection of classy, original songs fit for an Americana king. Recorded during the winter of 2015-16 in Nashville under the tutelage of producer Spike Jones and performed by a crack collection of studio cats, the album American Man contains the result of a lifetime of dedication to music by Mills and the culmination of his songwriting craft. At SOHO, Mark and the Lifesavers, including Burt Bradley (bass), Cheryl Bradley (background vocals), Steve Becker (keyboards) and Steve Correll (drums), will interpret the sounds from the album for his debut live performance of the material. In this first SOHO performance, Mills brings his years of live music experience to the John Peterson Memorial Stage, joining many other bands to make the fest a shining success. Check out Mark Mills on Facebook and visit his ReverbNation page for a link to the Nashville recordings and more information on his upcoming doings.

Mark Mills and The Lifesavers
Friday, June 3, 7:30pm
SOHO Music Festival
John Peterson Memorial Stage

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