March 20, 1960   Ron to daughter Jackie

First day of spring, sun high and our lane
plugged. Kenosha's had 74 inches of snow
this winter. Hawks are hungry for the mice
have gone under the snow. They've never
had it so good. They can now chew on
young apple trees four feet off the ground.
A sparrow hawk has taken to sitting on a
post near our corn cribs. Speaking of mice
did I tell you Helen Tapp has been running
a trap line in the office. I furnish equipment,
she does the work and keeps the hides. She
has been getting careless lately however and
yesterday as the air got heavier and heavier
I looked around and found a couple of traps
with nothing in them but a pile of mildewed
fur and a bad smell. Maybe you can smell the
"Mint Mist Deodorant" I have spilled around.
Perhaps "Essence of Mouse" is preferable.

2023 Jacqueline Jackson

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