Sacred Heart-Griffin High School has banned students from engaging in political displays at school events following an episode at the recent city basketball tournament, when Griffin students in the stands unfurled a Re-Elect Trump banner during a game against Lanphier High School. Ward 2 Ald. Shawn Gregory says he's heard from constituents as well as parents of SHG students, and he understands why. "For me, personally, Trump, aside from his politics, he has just said some very, very vile things about women and people of color," Gregory says. "This sign was only put out there because it was a predominately black team. I don't see them doing that at a Rochester game. ... I think they need to understand why someone of color like myself would feel that is a racial taunt to a team." The message, apparently, has been heard. Last week, SHG sent an email to parents announcing a new addition to the student handbook under the heading Respect For Others: "No attire promoting/advertising for a political party and/or candidate is allowed. This includes clothing as well as buttons or other forms of advertisement." The school won't publicly address the issue. "We're really trying to process this whole thing internally," says Katherine O'Connor, school president, adding that the email sent to parents was supposed to be kept confidential. Gregory says he's pleased that the school has taken action, and he thinks students need to understand why this wasn't a harmless prank dressed up in free-speech clothing. "What if we had a Bloomberg sign up?" Gregory asks. "Nobody would have cared."

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