ShoeTopia — Springfield’s own unique French boutique — has followed the crowd, right out of its downtown storefront at 413 E. Adams St. and into new digs on the west side.

The shoe store, which also sells purses, glass jewelry, notecards and other girly gadgets and once made IT’s list of reasons to shop downtown [see “Uniquely Springfield,” June 21, 2007], announced on its blog earlier this month that it would move in with L Chic, a clothing boutique at 3063 Hamlin Pkwy (behind Sundown One).

“We really liked our downtown store, and we even had visions of a downtown renaissance,” the blog reads. “Well, that Shanta [Thoele] is so impatient. That’s why she’s so damn thin — she has to keep moving! And downtown revitalization wasn’t moving fast enough for Shanta. So, we decided we’d move west in order to keep up with Shanta’s frontier spirit.”

ShoeTopia officially reopened at its new locale on Wednesday.

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