Photo by Shane Bumgarner

There’s nothing in the world quite like this trio of “HeavyMetalPunkPsychobilly” music-mayhem makers, and more than likely, there never will be. Blessed with monstrous music chops and cursed with a desire to destroy any semblance of sanity (or maybe that’s the other way around), DeMON (Damon Soper on guitar and vocals), Jackhammer Washington (Jeff Cunningham on bass and vocals) and C Dub (Chris Warren on drums) attack from the first note until all mention of a melodious mindset is subdued and laid to rest in a whirlwind of masterful cacophony. After two years of off-and-on recording in Springfield with Cameron Yates at Waterfront Studios, Los Injectors now offer up Rock Apocalypto, with special cover artwork by area visual artist Thom Whalen. The CD, available for presale on Friday along with other merchandise, features 12 tunes of continuous, calamitous clamor bearing unrelenting and outrageous entreatments upon the unsuspecting sensitive senses. The show’s special guests – those masked surf-punk purveyors called Go! Tsunami – should have copies of A Day at the Beach, the quartet’s recent CD offering, available for purchase at your own risk.

Los Injectors
Go! Tsunami
Friday, Oct. 5, 8:30pm
Bar None
CD presale party

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