lonesome poem # 1

In a 1943 letter to my brother; I'm 15, he's 13,

living out west for his health: he saved his mail.

"It's lonesome being an only child with you in

Arizona and Jo and Pat at college. I got home

from school – everything's a grey-green-yellow,

the sun shines brilliant and warm, spring in

November. I couldn't resist getting on my jeans

and romping with the dog and goat and cat

I greeted the cows, walked on the stilts, fed

Sugarpuss an oats treat, she nibbled from my

palm with dainty goat lips. I thought about

you and wished you were here because I am

lonesome, and we would be having fun. I hope

you are not feeling lonesome there at school."

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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