Originally formed by band mates Denny Lucas (guitars, keys, vocals) and Mike “Mouse” Bearup (guitars, vocals) in 1992 with Brian Smith, the latest members of the group, Bill Ward (bass, vocals), Mandy Rose (vocals) and Kevin Klickna (drums, percussion) join in to play a range of popular hits with a full light and sound system setup. Along with Denny’s illustrious career (we’re dead serious) in the local and beyond music scene, the rest of the band brings a boatload of experience to the stage as they cover a genre jumping set list including songs from artists as diverse as Gretchen Wilson, Ed Sheeran, the Eagles, Journey, Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin, Toto, the Black Keys, Poison and many more. With shows at Guitars & Cadillacs (Aug. 3), Illinois State Fair Bud Tent (Aug. 12) and Weebles (Aug. 16), then on to Sonny’s Place in Taylorville (Sept. 14), Curve Inn (Oct. 5), Kuhl Tyme Korner in Jacksonville (Oct. 14) and Boar’s Nest in Athens (Dec. 7), yessiree, this band is certainly a real live wire.

Saturday, July 27, 6:30pm
Crows Mill Pub

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