Jul 29

Brandon Santini, Curve Inn, 6-9pm

Karaoke with Debbie Cakes, Curve Inn, 7-11pm

Jeff Young and the Bad Grandpas, Koo Koo's Nest, 8:30-11:30pm

J.C.B. Entertainment Karaoke, La Fiesta Chatham, 7-11pm

Open mic with Jim Ackerman, Wings Etc, 6-9pm

Jul 30

Dave Lumsden, Anchors Away, 8-10pm

For the Love of Lennon, The Blue Grouch Pub, 7-10:30pm

The Risky Rooster Band, Boone's, 6-9pm

Kelsey Hickman and Band, Brewski's Pub, 12pm

J.C.B. Entertainment Karaoke, Bunkers Bar, Illiopolis, 8pm-1am

Hundred 80 Proof, Crows Mill Pub, 6:30-10:30pm

Smashtag, Curve Inn, 6-10pm

Bluesmattic Blues Band, Harvest Market Farmhouse Brews, 6-9pm

Angel Brown's Smooth N' Blue Band, Lime Street Cafe, 7-10:30pm

Jameson Freeway, Long Bridge Golf Course, 6:30-10:30pm

The Get Down, Morrisonville Picnic, Morrisonville, 8pm-12am

James Bruner, Sheedy Shores WineGarden, Loami, 4pm

The Big Suns with Albert Capati, The Stadium Bar and Grill, 7pm

Jeff Young and the Bad Grandpas, Weebles Bar & Grill, 6-10pm

Jul 31

Dance Band, American Legion Post 809, 5-8pm

LiveWire, The Blue Grouch Pub, 6:30-10:30pm

TULO + EADS, Boar's Nest, Athens, 7:30-10:30pm

Jambalaya Jazz with Frank Parker, Buzz Bomb Brewing Co., 7-10pm

Folsom Prison Five, Coz's Pizza and Pub, 7pm

Stone Giants, Crows Mill Pub, 6:30-10:30pm

Sleeping Dogzz, Curve Inn, 6-10pm

John Drake and the Risky Rooster Band, Harvest Market Farmhouse Brews, 6-9pm

Angel Brown Trio, Lime Street Cafe, 7-10:30pm

Noah Smith, Locals Bar, Pawnee, 7-10pm

Ultraviolet, Main Gate Bar & Grill, 7pm

Jameson Freeway, Morrisonville Picnic, Morrisonville, 8pm-12am

Ron DeMichiel, Route 66 Motorheads Bar, Grill and Museum, 7-10pm

The Get Down, Sangamo Surf Club, 6:30-10:30pm

Naughty & Nice, Sheedy Shores WineGarden, Loami, 4pm

Excitable and RockHouse, Sherman Village Park Amphitheater, Sherman, 6:30-10pm

Damned Torpedoes, The Stadium Bar and Grill, 6:30-10:30pm

Dr. Fauci & The Pandemics, Weebles Bar & Grill, 6:30-10:30pm

Matt & Hannah, West of Wise Winery, Petersburg, 6-8pm

Aug 1

Joel Gragg, 3Sixteen Wine Bar, Chatham, 4-7pm

Lil Higgy and the House Reckers, The Blue Grouch Pub, 1pm

Tom Irwin, Harvest Market coffee bar, 10am-1pm

Nancy Rogers, Jacksonville Community Park, Jacksonville, 6pm

Ryman's Way, Koo Koo's Nest, 2-4pm

Summer of George, Long Bridge Golf Course, 1-4pm

Tom Irwin and Friends, Trails End Saloon, Curran, 4-7pm

Open mic with J.D. Wilson, Walnut Street Winery, Rochester, 4-7pm

Aug 2

Rocky Athas, The Alamo, 7pm

Aug 3

J.C.B. Entertainment Karaoke, The Alibi, Rochester, 8pm-12am

Adrian Russo, Old State Capitol Plaza, 12pm

Aug 4

Unchained, Blue Ridge Club, 6-9pm

Open mic, Boone's, 6-10pm

Me, Myself and Schy, Obed and Isaac's, 6-8pm

Trails End open mic, Trails End Saloon, Curran, First Wednesday of every month, 7-10pm

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