We never quite understood why University of Springfield Illinois ended up where it did, on the outskirts of town where easy access to Wendy’s and Taco Bell on Toronto Road is about the best thing one can say about a sprawling campus that too often can be a world unto itself. On Saturday, however, city ribbon-cutters will christen a new stretch of 11th Street between Lincolnshire Boulevard and Stevenson Drive, which will allow UIS students and others to drive straight to the heart of Springfield without having to make turns. The city is billing this as a link to downtown, which sounds good but ignores the fact that 11th Street doesn’t touch downtown, where UIS should have been built in the first place. We’re calling it the Southern View Bypass, the best road project to hit the capital city since 2010, when the Driveway To Scheels, aka the $47 million MacArthur Boulevard extension, opened for businesses that mostly haven’t materialized. Saturday’s ceremony starts at 10 a.m. Arrive early and beat the traffic.

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