Lincoln's Legends podcast is back

Coronavirus concerns persuaded creator Jeremie Bailey to jump start production

click to enlarge Jeremie Bailey records new episodes from inside Cafe Moxo - COURTESY OF JEREMIE BAILEY
courtesy of Jeremie Bailey
Jeremie Bailey records new episodes from inside Cafe Moxo

For years, Lincoln’s Legends podcast by Jeremie Bailey was one way artists and news-makers in Springfield could share their stories. The content was geared toward millennials and Gen-Xers with an interest in independent art and music but also included newsier interviews, like with Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott. It went on hiatus in 2018, as Bailey had other issues to attend to, including his mental health.

But, in light of coronavirus, he’s back with a new episode. “My initial plan was to launch the new chapter in April. However, after seeing the inspirational work of those around me, I quickly accelerated production,” Bailey said in an email interview.

The latest episode includes a voice message from Scott McFarland of Springfield Families Helping Families, and an interview with musician Kevin Wasmer.

“I paused production at the height of what most would consider my success to further my education,” wrote Bailey in an email interview. “I needed to learn how to be the better person.” Bailey, a husband and father, also wanted to learn how to “upgrade the production quality” of his work. And to spend more time experiencing life.

During periods where he struggled mentally, he found podcasts to be a way to “mentally hide.”

“I found refuge in many shows and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience hours of therapy for next to nothing,” he said, citing shows like Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum and Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard as favorites.

“My new goal is to connect with people from my community and learn how they mentally navigate through their day,” he said. “I have an intense passion to give back because I am confident that my mental health, relationships, and professional career are directly attributed to podcasting and radio.”

Bailey said new episodes are recorded from Cafe Moxo. “I chose to record in public, not only to share my love for local businesses, but it also helps me stay connected to our community.”

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