abe at the park corner by the

museum his molded coat

blowing can view the giant

abe talking to a giant kid –

word is that statue is due to

move on – some people like it –

at the fifth st corner abe sits

on a bench his metal paper reads

"with malice toward none" you

could sit beside him yesterday he

was masked today it's gone his view

is of a huge painting of himself done

in pixels covers a whole buildingside –

some people like it though it obscures

lindsay's "rose and lotus wedding" on

the next wall (seldom noticed anyway)

I haven't toted up all the variations of

lincoln that grace our fair city but "Abe"

I say (for I'm on talking terms with the

16th president since he leaned on my

newel post once) "Abe, what is it like to

see yourself every time you turn around?"

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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