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As a lover of theater and a member of The Music Man cast and crew, I feel so thankful for Dennis Thread's theater review ("The Legacy Theatre's The Music Man," July 15). Beyond any flattery, the guy really has a cool way of observing and then writing about a show. I think he's a real asset to Illinois Times.

Dan Frachey



Eliot Clay's letter "Support conservation" (July 1) gets it right. The America the Beautiful Plan will support conservation critical to fighting climate change. The American Jobs Plan will do much more once it's passed in Congress. Polls show roughly 80% of Americans support the American Jobs Plan, and it's no wonder.

The plan will be paid for by making the super-rich pay their fair share of taxes for a change. The plan is currently estimated to cost about $2 trillion; it will pay for itself many times over, and soon. And creating a clean energy economy now will prevent future generations from being burdened by having to pay trillions for future climate disasters.

The American Jobs Plan will create 18.6 million jobs that will be local, with union-scale wages and good benefits. This will result in an almost a $5,000 boost in annual household income for middle-class Americans, putting an extra $1 trillion per year into American's pockets, according to Moody's Analytics.

The plan will also jump-start the manufacture of American-made, self-driving electric cars powered by clean energy. This will not only slash emissions, it will mean that many American families won't need to own a car, saving the average family more than $5,600 per year. This will put an additional $1 trillion per year in Americans' pockets annually by 2030.

The American Jobs Plan would create a 21st century clean energy grid, which would provide an unlimited supply of solar and wind electricity (with storage), costing less than half the price of fossil fuel energy by 2030. Imagine the economic benefits that will have.

Lynn Goldfarb



I don't understand why some Republican politicians are encouraging people not to get vaccinated. Don't they know that 99% of all new COVID-19 cases are unvaccinated people?  Also, 100% of all new deaths from COVID-19 are unvaccinated people.  

How is this going to benefit the Republican Party? The majority of the new cases will be unvaccinated Republicans.  The majority of the deaths will be unvaccinated Republicans. It stands to reason that these politicians will lose voters, so what do they have to gain?  In the next election there will be fewer Republicans voting because many of these unvaccinated people will be on ventilators or dead. Others will catch COVID, become sick and lose faith in the person who told them not to get vaccinated.

What is the real reason for them to continue to risk the health, and possibly lives, of fellow Republicans?  I think it is simply because they no longer control the White House.  How sad for us all.

The Trump administration helped start Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the development and distribution of a safe and effective vaccine.  I thank him for that, for I am vaccinated and healthy.

Donald Trump received the COVID vaccine before leaving the White House.  He even urged his followers to get vaccinated for the virus during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, in February 2021.

I pray these Republican politicians will accept the true facts and stop misleading the public.

Cheryl Beard

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