Deep respect to Illinois Times reporter Patrick Yeagle for his excellent report entitled “Death by a thousand cuts” (March 10).

I encourage everyone of conscience in the Springfield community to read it and consider making a personal donation to one or more of the five charities being decimated in our backyards.

Mr. Yeagle deserves kudos from leaders in our community for profiling the real harm inflicted on social service agencies who serve our neighbors.

Thank you, Patrick, for sharing the human costs of political hostage taking in the Illinois State Capitol. The suffering you’ve chronicled is not an abstraction, and residents of Springfield are better for knowing it.

Ryan Croke

Ryan Croke is on the boards of the Springfield Center for Independent Living and the Boys and Girls Club of Central Illinois.


The Republican national frontrunner, D.T., is a force of nature. That may sound good, but allow me to list a few natural forces: Tornados, blizzards, deluges, droughts, pestilence, disease, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. All these natural forces are powerful and destructive.

Television media value their airtime. As a case in point, think of Super Bowl ads selling for $100,000 a second. Figured at a median rate for airtime, it has been calculated that D.T. has received 1.6 billion dollars in value for television coverage. How? By being a force of nature (see above). Time out, please, for the truly ugly American.

I suggest, since they must report on that spoiled brat D.T., let it be at the end of a broadcast. Or don’t show his face. He phones in his interviews for Sunday talk shows. What they owe him baffles me. If I were an opposing candidate, I would be demanding equal time.

Sue Anderson


Trump has nailed the main issue of our times. He says we spent 12 years and trillions of dollars fighting wars in the Middle East. We made things worse and there is no end in sight.

Meanwhile, our infrastructure is crumbling, our states are going broke and many programs are being cut. The public hasn’t been told the true cost of those wars. People ramble around in a fog trying to find other things to blame for our problems.

Nothing is wrong that a few trillion dollars toward our infrastructure over the last 12 years couldn’t have fixed.

Tom Ferrari

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