click to enlarge Save the Leland House summer kitchen. Donations can be made at Help Move the Historic Leland Sucmmer Kitchen or by messaging Lisa Moffett through Facebook. Donations may also be mailed or dropped off at any United Community Bank location.
Save the Leland House summer kitchen. Donations can be made at Help Move the Historic Leland Sucmmer Kitchen or by messaging Lisa Moffett through Facebook. Donations may also be mailed or dropped off at any United Community Bank location.

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I would like to thank Cinda Klickna for her wonderful column in the Jan. 13 issue ("Creating a culture of historic preservation"). Our community has certainly stepped up to help save the historic Leland Farm summer kitchen and we appreciate their generosity.

As of the Jan. 19 Springfield Park Board meeting, we have been given the OK to move the structure to Washington Park. Thankfully, the Vala family gave us an extension of one month, so we now have until March 15 to raise the money and get the structure moved.

Local businesses have been amazing, and Anvil & Forge is having a "last push" fundraiser on Feb. 26 to hopefully help us raise the remaining $12,000 we need. It is open to the public and all are invited.

Once again, thank you Springfield and the surrounding area, as we most certainly couldn't have done it without you.

Lisa Moffett, Friends of the Original Leland Farm House



Scott Reeder is an enjoyable writer, but I find his resentment of the next generations are too prevalent. This got to the point that I needed to respond when he said that a young man had not been taught to read cursive ("The lost art of cursive," Jan. 20).

First, I find that hard to believe. Second, I'd love to shake that young man's hand because he is so smart that he agrees with me, a person a year older than Scott.

I lost the ability to write in cursive over 30 years ago because I simply find it irrelevant and inane. Then, I learned almost 10 years ago, I can no longer read cursive – a fact I am proud of.

Cursive is an abomination that is no longer wanted or needed. But more importantly to me, the young are smarter than we ever dreamed of being. When they talk, listen.

Sorry if this is curt, but you know, that's how us old people are sometimes.

Rick Campbell



What a great article. Thank you for writing it. Writing in cursive tells so much about a person. Another lost art is the thank you note. I remember when attending Ursuline Academy in 1958, Mother Victorine teaching this as part of her English class. Maybe someday Scott will write a column on the thank you note.

Sandy Pecori



I respectfully disagree with Professor Wehrle's analysis of the Russia-Ukraine crisis ("Russian bear is on the prowl," Jan. 27). I agree with the author that the only favorable outcome of this crisis is a peaceful and diplomatic solution, but I disagree that this is a crisis of Russia's making; on the contrary, the US/ NATO alliance bears the lion's share of fault in this instance. Decades of Western military expansion has finally reached the doorstep of Russia in Ukraine.

In the 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US/ NATO alliance has carried out bombing campaigns against Yugoslavia, has destroyed the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and actively supports the Saudi-led genocide in Yemen. The US also routinely meddles in Latin American elections, a region we see as our sphere of influence.

The US and other NATO allies' security services have also actively fomented coups in Eastern Europe; as is now a common practice in US foreign policy, the US supported the unconstitutional overthrow Ukraine's democratically elected leader in 2014. After the putsch, Crimean citizens voted in support of a constitutional referendum to join the Russian Federation. More recently, the US supported unsuccessful color revolutions in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Exquisite diplomacy requires one to analyze the situation from the opposing party's perspective. To achieve a peaceful and diplomatic solution to this crisis, the US needs to empathize with Russia's red-line security concerns and refuse the military industrial complex's undue influence on US/NATO policy.

Aaron Albrecht

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