Taking place in Shop ’n Save’s vast parking lot on North Grand Avenue, just east of First Street from 4:30 to 8 p.m., Tuesday evening’s (Oct. 9) Appetite on the Avenue will be our second annual food truck event. Appetite on the Avenue will have food trucks, thirst-quenching local beer, great music by Tom Irwin, neighborhood camaraderie and more.

Appetite on the Avenue is sponsored by The Avenue, North Grand Improvement Association, dedicated to enhancing and improving the North Grand Avenue business corridor, formerly know as “The Avenue.”
What better way to convince a new or existing business to move into the Shop ’n Save building than a huge show of community support for this year’s Appetite on the Avenue?

Sam Cahnman

Hanson Professional Services Inc. was hired by the city of Springfield to design and administer the Springfield Rail Improvements Project.

In the Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2018, edition of the Illinois Times, a letter was published stating that, as part of the project, 81 trains will pass within a few hundred feet of Lanphier High School per day (every 15 minutes) while traveling more than 60 miles per hour.

According to Union Pacific Railroad (UP), which operates on the tracks, 45 trains per day is the projected total freight and passenger rail traffic in 2030 for the relocated rail corridor. The relocated tracks will shift from Sixth Street to just east of 10th Street and will operate at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The Norfolk Southern Railway and Canadian National Railway tracks which cross North Grand at 15th Street will remain in their existing location; they will not move closer to Lanphier.

A new overpass along North Grand Avenue, from 11th Street to 15th Street, will provide access to the parking lots for Robin Roberts Stadium and Lanphier’s football stadium via a frontage road accessible from North Grand Avenue and will eliminate the dangerous at-grade rail crossing at North Grand and 15th. Fencing along the entire 10th Street rail corridor will advance our goal of pedestrian and vehicular safety. The corridor also will be designated as a Quiet Zone. Furthermore, a very dangerous crossing at North Grand and Sixth Street will be replaced with a new underpass.

The letter writer also stated that a four-lane highway will be constructed south of Lanphier, increasing truck and automobile traffic. In reality, the project plans include moving the existing four-lane street farther from the school and will likely have no effect on traffic volume.

Please contact me if you have any other questions or visit I can be reached at 747-9257 or

Jimmie Austin

Like many people, the last week has been especially hard on me. It has been hard on the country that I love so dearly. I am very concerned that this country has lost all sense of fairness and the presumption of innocence. Like so many people, I have just started to automatically assume the worst about the press. That is a shame, but you only have to look at the distortions that are happening and realize that we are in trouble. I would hope that Chris Britt would be strongly encouraged to reevaluate his “art.” It is not helpful.

Susan Torrez
Corrigan, Texas

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