click to enlarge The empty bar at Dew Chilli Pub & Grill on North Grand. - PHOTO BY JOHN LESKOVISEK
Photo by John Leskovisek
The empty bar at Dew Chilli Pub & Grill on North Grand.

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I trust a business owner to react to customers' expectations faster and with more innovation than a government employee with no skin in the game ("Restaurant, bar owners say reopening rules too strict," Dec. 31). I trust adults to make their own decisions about the trade-off between their personal safety and shopping with a particular business.

Let people have their freedom of association. Let the business owners provide their services.

Chris Heinemann



Wow! Based on the complaints, I guess Sangamon County should just stick to the governor's mitigation guidelines and keep everything closed until he says it's OK to open back up ("Restaurant, bar owners say reopening rules too strict," Dec. 31). I'd like Ald. Chuck Redpath to take Mr. Rushton to the restaurants that are cleaner than our hospitals. Have an inspector there to make the judgment.

I heard an interview with the owner of D'Arcy's Pint and she was happy to have indoor dining available again. I'm happy for her and all the establishments not complaining about this development. It's a step in the right direction. Don't blame the county if you don't want to open back up.

Barney Rodawald



Blaming the government for keeping us safe is ridiculous ("Restaurant, bar owners say reopening rules too strict," Dec. 31). Stop politicizing this. No one is picking on you intentionally.

Susan Spalding



Such great timing to open back up. ("Restaurant, bar owners say reopening rules too strict," Dec. 31). A Christmas spike is expected, there is now a mutation that is 70% more contagious, vaccines are running at 10% of expected numbers and the county board thinks that keeping Grandma out of the bars will make this just fine.

Kathy Trager



Mike was a wonderful man and artist ("Remembering the lives they lived," Dec. 31). His art makes me happy. I have a couple of his pieces.

Kate McAtee



I was honored to call Leroy Jordan a friend ("Remembering the lives they lived," Dec. 31). He believed one voice can make a profound difference. But what I appreciated most about him was he held me – his state senator – accountable. This is a wonderful piece on Leroy's life by Rachel Otwell.

Sen. Andy Manar
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