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Kathleen Campbell, a retired research scientist and opponent of the proposed Navigator Heartland Greenway CO2 pipeline project, in the backyard of her Glenarm home, which would be less than 100 yards from the corridor designated for the privately owned, multi-state pipeline as it crosses Illinois and heads to Christian County for CO2 sequestration underground.


I write to compliment Dean Olsen on his recent article regarding the Navigator CO2 Pipeline proposed to run through Sangamon County. Our residents have every right to insist on our safety ("CO2 pipeline project proceeding," Aug. 4).

Please contact your township officials and Sangamon County Board members to implement minimum CO2 pipeline setbacks from housing, businesses, nursing homes, schools and other occupied buildings so that if the pipeline ruptures (and pipelines always rupture eventually) that we can minimize the number of people that will be asphyxiated, as happened in Satartia, Mississippi.

Secondly, insist that Navigator pay for the EMS to acquire all-electric emergency vehicles that will be needed over the life of the pipeline in advance of a rupture, because gas-powered engines cannot run in the presence of a CO2 rupture and our taxpayers should not be required to fund them. Further, insist that our EMS services have sufficient numbers of oxygen tanks and masks for the EMS workers and all the people that will need rescue in case of a rupture.

Keep checking for further updates, including the concerned citizens group we are forming to intervene at the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Thanks again to Dean Olsen and Illinois Times for educating people about this important issue.

Kathleen Campbell



There are so many things wrong in this case ("Gregory Small found not guilty by reason of insanity," Aug. 4). The one thing or person not at fault was the officer who did his job. It's unfortunate that the family is struggling; mental health is truly an issue here, but this young man has demonstrated that he is currently unfit to care for his own well-being. Terribly sad.

Nick Faulkner



So according to Illinois Times, only knife crimes are a result of mental illness, not gun crimes as you documented a few months ago in a biased article with a resentful doctor who claimed shooters are sane ("Mass shooting is not a mental health problem," June 16).

Brian Bowles



I have little use for Donald Trump, but this Jan. 6 clown college party masquerading as congressional hearings is beyond ridiculous. Trump is being pilloried and subject to prosecution for... doing nothing, or at most, not enough? Being stupid is not a crime. If it was most politicians would be in prison, not just former Illinois governors and Chicago aldermen.

Bill Klein



I've read the Inherit the Wind screenplay and seen the movie with Spencer Tracy and Fredric March more times than I can count ("A classic comes to the New Salem stage," Aug. 11). Both are extraordinary.

Jeff Helton



Surely these days, no one would ignore science and cling desperately to their own beliefs. Oh wait... never mind.

William Frank


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