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Three days after former president Donald Trump stumped for her in Illinois, freshman congresswoman U.S. Rep. Mary Miller defeated five-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis in the GOP primary for the 15th Congressional District. Illinois Times columnist Scott Reeder covered his first Trump rally at the Adams County Fairgrounds, and wrote an opinion column reflecting on the “carnival of the bizarre.”


Very good opinion piece ("The cult of Trump," June 3). I feel the same and would add a couple things.

Cult leaders program their disciples to believe what they say and ignore everything else, especially if it speaks against them, which is what Trump did when calling the media "the enemy of the people." I've never appreciated the First Amendment as much as I have for the past five years. Many thanks to journalists for bringing us information.

This article touched on fans giving Trump a pass on everything, and the language coming from these claiming-to-be-Christians. I'm always curious if they'd feel the same way if Democrats did the same, especially the Trump insurrection. Would they still say "it was just tourists who got a little rowdy"?

I had no trouble choosing who to vote for in 2020 – it was still more against one than for the other, but Trump's incessant rabble-rousing lies stuck in my head.

Chris Snyder



More like the cult of good results, unless you don't like 2% or less inflation, full employment, gas for under $2.50 a gallon, no Russian invasions and no chaos at the border.

Ted Harvatin



Scott Reeder makes some valid points, albeit in a typical tone of irreverence. It would be more pertinent, however, to question the Democrats in charge as to exactly how they plan to battle inflation, supply chain issues, rising interest rates, etc. Trump would be a non-issue if these matters were addressed.

He claims to be a reporter, so why doesn't he get to the bottom of matters that stifle the average citizen's daily life? The fascination and obsession with the MAGA movement is as disturbing and ineffective at problem-solving as those he seeks to vilify.

Nathan Reische



Mary Miller is disgraceful – a "white life," Hitler-quoting Bible thumper who loves Trump ("Mary Miller trumps Rodney Davis," June 30). The people voting for that are far more frightening than she is.

Terri Miller



Owning a business is difficult, and the rules and regulations from the state or federal government can be challenging, arbitrary or conflicting ("Nicolas Paz, owner of AZ-T-CA, responds to theft allegations," June 24).

Diane Beauchamp



Does downtown Springfield need more residential units – absolutely. Is there a market for it? I say build it, and they will come. But this is a seriously shortsighted plan ("Converting the Wyndham Cite Centre," June 23). Travel and convention business is rebounding all over the U.S. Conventions and events book out years in advance. To take that many hotel rooms off the market adjacent to the convention center would put the BOS Center at a serious, long-term competitive disadvantage. Unless there is a new, large hotel in the pipeline, I can't imagine the staff at BOS Center is remotely in support of this plan, nor should city government support it.

Thomas House


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