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Avrohom Turen reads from the Torah as Chuck Faingold and Eli Turen look on. The Springfield Chabad Center, 2467 S. MacArthur Blvd., is part of the Chabad movement, a subsect of Judaism that stresses traditional worship and focuses on outreach to other Jews.

The idea that Chabad is traditional worship in Judaism is flawed ("Teaching Jewish traditions," May 12). Chabad as a movement is really young in terms of Judaism's thousands of years of history. Not a great take on Judaism as a whole.

Amichai Graves

Thank you for the great writeup!

Rabbi Mendy Turen,
Springfield Chabad Center

Scott Reeder writes a column on being open and not making snap judgments and can't resist throwing in a snide generalization about Fox News ("Be curious, not judgmental," May 5). I am a Fox News watcher and have never heard a message that all Muslims hate all Americans. And to imply that his friend has this opinion because she watches Fox is as much a leap as a cow being a symbol of Judaism. 

Holladay Thompson

Congratulations to Fletcher Farrar for receiving a special recognition award from the 21st Mayor's Awards for the Arts, held May 2 at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.

As the editor of Illinois Times, Fletcher Farrar has made the arts an important component of Springfield's highly respected and widely read weekly newspaper.  Through articles and photographs, publicizing events, using local artists to illustrate stories and sponsoring art competitions for special publications, IT has demonstrated the importance of the arts to the Springfield community.  This spans both the visual and performing arts. 

The weekly Now Playing column features music performances.  A weekly calendar highlights art exhibits, theater, art and architecture and all aspects of the arts.  Work by local artists frequently graces the cover of the newspaper, giving greater visibility for Springfield's talented artists. 

Illinois Times has produced a Visitor Guide for many years, and the cover illustration is the winner of competition among local artists.  IT then partners with other organizations to exhibit the submissions for the publication. 

All aspects of the arts are covered in Illinois Times - from fine art to folk art, architecture, music, theater, comedy, literature, the culinary arts and more.  Thanks to IT we are more aware of what's happening with the arts in Springfield, have the opportunity to learn more about creative people in our community and see how the Springfield community is enriched by local artists, artisans and performers.

Karen Ackerman Witter

The Springfield Coalition on Dismantling Racism decries the multiple shooting deaths that occurred recently in Buffalo, New York, and laments the racist attitudes in this country that give rise to such virulent hatred and violence. We invite all like-minded people to join us in condemning this heinous act and steadfastly working towards eradicating racism in all its forms.

SCODR leadership team members: Dr. Sheila Caldwell, Veronica Espina, Kathryn Harris, Sr. Marcelline Koch, Dr. Wesley McNeese, Rev. Susan Phillips, Sr. Elyse Ramirez, Dr. Pamela Woodson

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