It is reassuring to read Tim Moore, president of Springfield Right to Life, acknowledges there are some underlying reasons women choose abortion ("Abortion haven," Feb. 24). However, actions speak louder than words, and I have not seen or heard of any efforts on their part to address these issues. Here are some places to start:

Make contraception free or low-cost. A 2012 study by Washington University in St. Louis found that providing birth control to women decreased the number of abortions by 62-78%.

Use the power of your constituents to advocate for programs to lessen poverty. A good place to start would be to revive the Child Tax Credit program that expired in 2021. Columbia University has estimated that the expiration of the program has caused 3.7 million more children to slide into poverty.

Work to make a living wage a reality. Support businesses that pay their employees a living wage. Many large companies pay low wages, forcing people to work multiple jobs and seek government assistance. In essence, taxpayers are subsidizing these companies. Start letting these places know that's no longer acceptable.

Help new mothers help themselves by expanding preschool and child care options.

Work with Planned Parenthood, rather than against them, to provide health care to women. Abortion is only a small part of Planned Parenthood. Through family planning they can work with and educate women on different ways to avoid looking at abortion as an option as well as provide other forms of health care.

Some people claim the right to life movement is really just right to birth and that they don't care what happens to children after they are born. There are also some who believe they are more concerned about controlling women's bodies than they are about women's health. I wish they would make it easier to disagree with these views.

Ed Taft

As representatives of diverse faith communities within central Illinois, we add our voices to the global outcry against the invasion of Ukraine. In keeping with the highest values of our religious traditions, we pray that the efforts on behalf of peace will prevail and that international harmony may be restored. Until all people are free and secure to live their lives in peace, we will continue to call upon our political representatives to take those measures that will bring the world community together culturally and economicxally. Together, we long to see that day come and bid all people of good will to join us in holding vigil with the people of Ukraine.

Dan Frachey, president
Greater Springfield Interfaith Association

Dean Olsen's history column contains, as far as I know, one error ("Butler School turns 100," Feb. 17).

Butler was a K-8 school until 1957, not 1959. How do I know? Well, I was in that '57 class, and we got to wear our fancy blue and white ribbons signifying passage from eighth to ninth grades. Then we got the privilege of attending Lawrence for junior high as Franklin was not built for another several years.

A fine article and I shall not further pick nits.

Dwight H. O'Keefe

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