It’s the Irish in me – but wheat or rye, multigrain or oat, bread would be my food of choice if I had to choose just one thing to sustain me for life. For that reason (as well as the fact that I like seeing small businesses come to town) here’s a hearty welcome to Chris Tarpley and Great Harvest Bread, a ‘freedom franchise’ opening soon at Montvale Plaza on Iles Avenue here in Springfield.   (Watch your IT to find out when those doors swing open for the first time.)    I have prior consumer experience with Great Harvest (when I lived in Scottsdale AZ) – at that location you could always find samples of something delicious on the counter. We’re told that this location will carry “Peet’s Coffee” – will it be brewing or in bean form? Guess you'll have to stop by and smell for yourself.

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