LENA FRANCES FERARIS Apr. 14, 1925 – Aug. 7, 2018

My mom, Mama Lena, was the oldest of three children born to Italian immigrant parents, Ernest and Dolores Menghini. Mom grew up in Taylor Springs, Illinois, during the Great Depression. Grandpa worked in the coal mine and Grandma embroidered and sold pillowcases for extra money.

Mom married my dad, Kenneth Feraris, in September of 1950 and they made their home in Springfield. My parents were together for over 56 years until Dad passed away in 2007. Mom gave up working to stay home and take care of my brother, sister and me.

She was a woman of great faith with an awesome sense of humor. Even in her later years while battling Alzheimer’s, she could still make me laugh with her quick wit. She would often stick out her tongue with a twinkle in her eye when she was feeling a bit feisty.

My mom was my best friend and confidant. I loved and admired her strength and determination and it was a privilege to be her caregiver.

Although it was a long and painful journey, I am so thankful for those years and the time we had together. I miss her terribly. Mama Lena will forever be in my heart.

Submitted by her daughter, Kathy Feraris

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