Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires

These hard-hittin’, fire-spittin’, go-gittin’ cool cats come from Birmingham, Alabama, on a mission from the land of the Deep South to set the record straight on Southern ways and means. One way describes the group as “part MC5 and part Flannery O’Connor and all rock and roll,” which puts a perspective on what Lee (guitar, vocals), Eric Wallace (guitar), Adam Williamson (bass) and Blake Williamson (drums) are getting at, embracing their heritage by facing the facts and fiction at their core. With a new double album released last summer called Youth Detention (Nail My Feet Down to the South Side of Town), the band is now back out to tell the world about their world and how it fits into the world at large. The upcoming tour includes stops over the next two months in the Midwest and Northeast, with a swing through the South before a few weeks off, leading into a month of gigs in the United Kingdom. Roll on, fires of glory, roll on.

Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires
Josh Catalano
Saturday, June 2, 8pm
Bar None

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