click to enlarge On Sunday, the Corey Dennison Band drops in from Chicago to play the 8th Annual Randy DeVillez Blues Celebration at The Alamo, 2 to 6 p.m.
On Sunday, the Corey Dennison Band drops in from Chicago to play the 8th Annual Randy DeVillez Blues Celebration at The Alamo, 2 to 6 p.m.

Welcome to the end of February, and with this being 2020 – which is a Leap Year – welcome to Leap Day Weekend. To me, and by extension, hopefully to you, it’s an extra special February 29 because said day falls on a Saturday. That is good for getting out to see live music since typically Saturday is the best night of the week for getting out to see live music. And also, there’s plenty of stuff going on before, after and during this only once-in-a-while event. Let’s put our best Thursday forward as Ty Brando, the music award-winning former Nashville, Tennessee resident who returned to central Illinois a few years back to reestablish a solo music career in his home area, does his thing of original country songs and more at Bunn at Pease’s Gourmet. Thursday also sports a couple of stellar open mics with Devin Williams as your host at Buzz Bomb and Kortney Leatherwood at the helm out at Crows Mill Pub. These are both the kind of open mics where you can enjoy listening to the variety of performers, even if you’re not interested in joining the entertainment on the mic side. But if you are hankering to play, you’re certainly welcomed and encouraged to do so. Friday night, several popular local bands are on prime time display at mainstay venues, including Off the Wall at the Curve, Kapital Sound at Long Bridge, Chris Camp & His Blues Ambassadors at Lime Street, Fundamentals at Northenders VFW and Rockhouse at the Main Gate. In a Friday special event, The Alamo and the Illinois Central Blues Club host February’s Springfield Community Broadcasters fundraiser featuring the music talents of the Rick Mari Band and Crimes Against the Moonlight (7-10 p.m.). The SCB folks will be celebrating the recent registration of “WQNA-DB” by the Internet Radio Uniform CallSign organization, allowing for the legal usage of those call letters for digital streaming, another step forward in the continuing effort to reestablish community radio programming in Springfield. Saturday, for whatever reason, we have an incredible number of acoustic acts to make the Leap Day night jump for joy, including Jay and Kimberly Larson at It’s All About Wine, me at 3Sixteen in Chatham, the Guilty Boys at Guitars & Cadillacs, After School Special at Motorheads, Jones & Chase at Craft Beer Bar, Jessi and Josh at Boar’s Nest in Athens, Joel Honey at Boone’s, Jason McKenzie at Locals in Pawnee, ScotteeeRock at the Main Gate and Square of the Roots at Buzz Bomb. Keep the Leap going and check out the POP! Art Show hosted by Staunztastic Art at Arlingtion’s (6-9 p.m.) as 15 local artists offer work for show and sale while Silas Tag Tockey, Jessica Cloyd and Reggie & the Demons supply the music making. Over at the Decatur Conference Center, the Juvae Jazz Society joins in the fun with a Leap Day Party (3-9:30 p.m.) featuring music by the Big Little Trio and Kevin Turner Trio with dance instruction by Ron and Paula included in the festivities. On Sunday – that’s March 1, which happens every year – the 8th Annual Randy DeVillez Blues Celebration takes place at The Alamo (2-6 p.m.). There’s no cover charge required, but donations are encouraged with everything gathered going to help fund the local Blues in the Schools program sponsored by the Illinois Central Blues Club, all done in loving memory of Randy. Chicago’s Corey Dennison Band is the main music attraction, as Corey and the guys serve up some hot, contemporary blues from the Windy City as a good thing for a good cause. Now we march on into March.

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