Nelson Center Ice Arena is set to be filled with activity on Feb. 15 as hundreds of young hockey players take to its ice.

The Springfield Youth Hockey Association is hosting a youth hockey skill development event, called a “jamboree,” at the arena’s Rink 1 in Lincoln Park.

About 250 youth from the central Illinois, Metro East and the St. Louis region are expected to participate. The event is for “22 Mite” youth hockey teams, which are ages 8 and under, and “Mini-Mites,” which are ages 6 and under.

A jamboree is an event consisting of “small, fast, abbreviated cross ice games focusing on important skills such as puck possession and stick handling,” according to information from the association. The event will use the USA Hockey’s American Development model of a jamboree, which promotes athletic safety and fun.

Area families interested in getting involved in ice hockey are welcome to attend to learn more about the game. Upcoming opportunities for new players to participate include “Try Hockey for Free Day” on March 1 and a “Learn to Play Hockey” event on March 8.

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