This 20-year-old singer-songwriter and performing artist hails from Crawfordsville, Indiana, but she’s traveled far and wide on a wonderful and unfolding musical adventure. She decided at the ripe old age of five to devote her life to music and wrote her first songs at age eight. By the time she was 14, Kasey had released her first album and performed at the Danville Stadium with the Matt Poss Band. Now she’s a senior college student in the heart of Nashville studying songwriting and performance, while soaking up the Music City scene and perfecting her craft with successful songwriter Kim McLean. Kasey’s resume sails far beyond her years listing shows done at the Chicago Blues Fest, Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, Indiana State Fair, Phases of the Moon Festival and many other venues in her fledgling career. She recently signed with Sweetsong Nashville owner/producer Dennis Money and together they created her first recording, an EP called Tell Someone. Better go see her now, to say you did back then.

Kasey Burton
Thursday, Aug. 15, 3:30pm
Apex Stage
Friday, Aug. 16, 5pm
Main Street Stage
Illinois State Fair

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