Art Spectacular is a multi-experience festival of art, music and children’s programs. Founded by Rees Carillon Society board member Barb Walker, the art show is a professionally juried fine art and craft show featuring collector- and museum-quality works. The participating artists are among the region’s and nation’s most recognized for their original work in a variety of media. Art Spectacular has been ranked in Sunshine Artist magazine’s “Best 200 Art Fairs in the United States” for the past four years. Works of art and crafts range from $50 to $7,500. In addition to a silent auction and gift basket raffle, the event features hourly carillon performances and other performances by local musicians, artist demonstrations, a kids’ art sale and food. The works of 10 area high school finalists of the 2019 Youth Art Showcase will also be displayed and judged for cash prizes. Free admission. 

Art Spectacular
Sept 14, 10am-5pm Sat
Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
1740 W. Fayette Ave.

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