click to enlarge Led Zeppelin 2 takes the stage at Danenberger's Family Vineyards this Saturday night.
Led Zeppelin 2 takes the stage at Danenberger's Family Vineyards this Saturday night.

Things are looking up, as the old saying goes, and just to prove the point, we're ending June with a big bang of live music performances. Your most pressing issue will be deciding where to go and what to see, but after the lost year of 2020, let's just say that's an OK problem to have.

In the cool events category, Knob Hill Landscape Company presents a dinner and music combo show at their Camp Sangamo Road headquarters this Saturday night, June 26. Set with the title of BBQ with the Family Choir, the ticketed event (info available at the Knob Hill website) features music by traveling Texas bands, Midnight River Choir and Folk Family Revival, plus food by Cured Catering. It all starts at 6 p.m. and goes on until 11 p.m. Be sure to check out more of the dinner and concert shows booked through 2021 by Knob Hill in order to plan ahead, as these events can, and often do, sell out.

Things are shaking out at Danenberger's Family Vineyards this weekend with a full slate of rocking shows on the bill. Friday brings us local favs ReMix, "playing all your favorite pop hits from the 90s and 2000s," as stated on their Facebook page. On Saturday night, here comes Led Zeppelin 2, a Chicago-based tribute band to, you guessed it, Led Zeppelin. Sunday gives us Nashville-based American country rock band, The Steel Woods, with openers North Carolina natives Jive Mother Mary.

I got a chance to talk with Springfield native and renowned Chicagoland drummer Greg Fundis, who joined LZ 2 in progress about five years ago and has the very fun job of playing the John Bonham parts, considered one of the great rock drummers of all time. Greg explained they don't play everything exactly as on the albums, "because even the original band didn't do that when they went out on tour," but the group honors the spirit of the legendary quartet by utilizing similar gear, looks and dress, all while doing the songs as Zeppelin did and adding a little twist of each LZ 2 musician's personality to the mix. Shows generally last two, sometimes nearly three hours, and include the famous Led Zep acoustic set and plenty of improv playing, plus a generous dose of the hits and a few deep cuts as well.

Post-pandemic bookings are coming in, but it will be a while before the month-long tours of constant gigs return. Greg said all the band members do other music as well, mostly with original groups based in the Chicago area, and use time off from LZ 2 to play in and promote those projects. It's always great to welcome Greg back to town, and we wish him continued success in all that he does. Remember to visit the DFV website for info as these upcoming touring band shows, like Led Zeppelin 2 and the Steel Woods, are set up to play outside on the new stage area as ticketed events.

The free Levitt AMP concerts continue every Thursday downtown at the Y-Block just north of the Governor's Mansion, with Dusk and the Henhouse Prowlers playing this week. The Kevin Hart Trio and the New Orleans Jazz Ramblers are on the books for July 1, with Tito Puente, Jr. and Cuarteto Bendito set for the Thursday after, on July 8.

In bars and clubs, breweries and wineries, coffee shops and restaurants all around town, the music keeps on coming in, so please check our Live Music listings in print and online for more goings on that are, so thankfully, going on.

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