click to enlarge The Randy Dandies Burlesque Troupe from St. Louis entertains at Homespun Republic on Sat., June 12.
The Randy Dandies Burlesque Troupe from St. Louis entertains at Homespun Republic on Sat., June 12.
The Randy Dandies Burlesque Troupe from St. Louis entertains at Homespun Republic on Sat., June 12.
Here we go on a romp through the early summertime music adventures. Outdoors, indoors, coming home, homecomings, fundraisers, hell-raisers, queens of color, queens of burlesque, old guys, new tricks and much more all happening in the next several days.

A few weeks ago while using a picture of Mary Jo Curry and Lori Kretzinger of Radio Twist we inadvertently left off the photo credit of Scott Hammann, a local photographer doing wonderful work. While giving Scott full credit for his photo I’d like to address a larger issue of the “photo thing.” Please, my friends in local bands, take the time to have someone (Scott for instance) or anyone you like and trust with a good camera shoot some shots of your group. Make sure they are of high-resolution and large file, suitable for use in print. Take several while you are at it, using different poses and backgrounds, then post them on your website or send to us when you have a gig. Thanks, Scott, for giving me a good segue to approach the “photo thing,” and let’s see the pics a-comin. By the way, if you do use a phone as a camera be sure to save at the highest resolution. Thanks.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Bobby Remack that’s your problem because he’s played around Springfield for decades. Catch him with the swingingest band around on Friday at the VFW Post 755, doing real big-band stuff on real instruments played like it used to be done.

Jazz at the Pasfield House this Friday (5:30-9) brings together good music and food for a good cause when the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) hosts Frank Parker’s Jambalaya Jazz Band with singing guests Judy Page (started out with Ike and Tina Turner), the dynamic Debbie Ross and equally wonderful Brooke Thomas. First Lady Diana Rauner is the honorary chair of this important organization, doing such good work with such a bad subject.

This Friday evening at my regular George Rank’s gig singer-songwriter-guitarists Jake Shane and Jack Dean join me for a night of stories and songs starting at 6. Jake, a former Springfield resident, went to college at Nashville’s Belmont University and recently released his second album, Evening Sounds, composed during a stay in Spain. Jack, a Dylanesque songwriter and performer, hails from London, England and also spent time in Spain contemplating the beauty of the universe. Jake and Jack are doing a Midwest tour after just returning from the East Coast. Come by and say hi.

Call it country night in the capital city as Bar None booked a Friday night winner with Chuck Mead of BR-549 fame and Dave and the Gin Mill Gypsies playing some jazz-influenced country they call “Western Fusion.” Chuck always makes a regular stop in Springfield and always does a super show. Dave, in from Northern Colorado by way of Los Angeles, brings a new thing to Americana music and also plays at Robbie’s from 5:30-7:30. In a couple rowdy, down-and-dirty country acts, see Husky Burnette at Guitars and Cadillacs Saloon doing some gritty blues country rock, and Texas roadhouse barn burner, Casey Donahew Band at Boondocks. Both are national, touring bands who bring it on.

Saturday brings us Black Queen, Springfield’s finest Queen tribute band at Third Base Sports Bar, The Randy Dandies Burlesque Troupe from St. Louis at Homespun Republic and Geezer, the best in old guys doing the rock classics they grew up learning.

Factor all that in with the Chatham American Legion Homecoming Thursday through Saturday (2nd Chance Band, New City Road and F5 are the nightly bands) and you’ve got yourself a weekend of wonder in the good old summertime.  

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