Photo by Derrick Weisbrod

In tried-and-true fashion, this young man calls himself a "traveling musician" spending his precious time "plying his trade through guitar and mandolin on the roads of this country" and that surely is just what he's doing. Julian Davis started his music a-rolling in 2016, convinced that bluegrass is a wide-open genre with room for a "clean new treatment" as well as the old (not necessarily in the way) ways. He hit the road in 2017 as a solo act playing wherever and soon had a troupe along that became The Situation. Earlier this year, the talented guitar picker did a six-month stint playing six-string lead in The Jeff Austin Band, a splendid gig by all accounts. Just recently he and his band of playing pickers released a live LP, then toured widely and consistently, presenting to the world at large the Julian Davis concept of "contemporary jamgrass and traditional bluegrass featuring a mix of original songs and timeless covers" and continue to constantly spread the good vibes of musicality to all in listening mode.

Julian Davis and the Situation
The White Oak Staves
Thursday, Dec. 5, 7 p.m.
Butternut Hut

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