Joseph "Bobo" Beneky

July 15, 1940-Oct. 29, 2021

Bobo loved everyone and everyone loved him. He had such a passion for life. His laughter filled a room, and it was matched only by the laughter of those around him enjoying his jokes and stories.

He was a horseshoe-throwing star, a marathon runner, an amazing dancer and he loved a good party. He had a special fondness for rock 'n' roll and he wasn't shy about singing or whistling along.

Bobo loved his friends and kept them forever. He loved his family, and grew up with both of his parents and two sisters. Along with his wife, Nancy, Bobo was an incredible parent to Brad, Heather and Holly, and he adored his grandkids and great-grandchildren.

His very best years started and ended with Nancy, his high school sweetheart. They were together for 63 years and were married for 57 years. Nancy was his rock, his protector, his friend, his love, his life. This couple built their lives on love and faith.

Bobo loved his faith. He often said our role on earth was to get to heaven. Well, when we look at his life, his friends and family and his faith, we are confident Joseph "Bobo" Beneky accomplished that mission.

Everyone felt honored to have known him.

Submitted by his daughter, Holly Dahlquist

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