Our blues friend, Johnny Burgin (he recently dropped the Rockin’), stops by for a one-night only local show on Friday, and we point that out because in the past, the artist formerly known as Rockin’ Johnny would hang around central Illinois for nearly two weeks at a time, playing gigs all over the place. Burgin has stayed very busy since his last visit here over a year ago, including constant touring throughout the U.S. and Europe. In February, he released an album collaboration with his longtime musical cohort, Spanish singing sensation and harmonica wiz Quique Gomez, called Dos Hombres Wanted. On Aug. 16, Chicago’s famed Delmark Records puts out Johnny Burgin Live, recorded last January in Cotati, California, with special guests Kid Andersen, Rae Gordon, Aki Kumar, Charlie Musselwhite and Nancy Wright. During this year’s Chicago Blues Fest, Johnny played on stage with the great Charlie Musselwhite who requested JB to stay for the set, an incredible honor, and one well-deserved. Sounds like he’s still rockin’ to us!

Johnny Burgin
Friday, Aug. 2, 8pm
Third Base Sports Bar

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