Yes, it’s the same John Corbett from “Northern Exposure,” “Sex in the City,” My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Walgreen’s commercial voice-overs. He also happens to live with longtime partner Bo Derek on a California ranch. John not only acts, he sings meaningful country songs as well, staying busy on the road with a good touring schedule. His first album came out in 2006, but he’s been playing and singing since he first garnered an endearing respect for Elvis Presley at age 7. The latest record Leaving Nothin’ Behind works as a cross between modern country and Americana music, tied together by the production and co-songwriting of Jon Randall Stewart. A Dallas-born, Nashville-based multitalented writer, performer and instrumentalist, Stewart collaborated over the years with the great Guy Clark, as well as many others. Corbett always gets asked about his acting versus his music, but is one of the few performers who consistently does both well, with modesty and excellence. After Sunset, a new local group of veteran musicians, opens the show.

John Corbett
After Sunset
Friday, Feb. 14, 7pm

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