Where does one start to list the accomplishments of John Clifton in the world of blues music? During a career spanning 40 years of making music his life’s work, the vocalist, harmonica player, songwriter and musician has nearly done it all and continues doing more. Steady on the road for some 150 dates a year, he’s played most all the major blues festivals and venues, here and across the pond. With several recordings of his own making, as well as appearances on countless records by other artists, including the Big Bill Morganfield (Muddy Water’s son and Blues Hall of Fame inductee) 2016 release, “Blood Stains on the Wall,” Clifton stays busy as a working musician in demand. This year marks his third solo recording for Scott Abeyta’s SoCal-based, Rip Cat Records. Titled “In the Middle of Nowhere,” the 11-song project features six new originals and five cool covers, already garnering worldwide radio play and killer reviews. Check out this real deal guy for yourself at our long-running Blue Monday event.

John Clifton Blues Band
Monday, July 15, 7pm
The Alamo
Illinois Central
Blues Club

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