Talk about some guy who has done it all and keeps doing more, Jesse Dayton has lived the life of a bad-ass, guitar slingin’, rock ‘n’ roll, country singin’, gettin’ ‘round the town dude for 30-some years. From his beginnings as a young teenager playing honky tonk and zydeco haunts in Louisiana and West Texas to recording with Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, making movies with Rob Zombie and going on the road with X, plus all the while putting out his own music, Jesse stays close to the ground as he’s flying high, reasoning that “If you open your arms to the world, it’s amazing what will come back ‘atcha.” His recorded output is prolific, to say the least, while performing some 250 dates annually. His most recent release, just out last August and called MixTape Number 1, is a compilation arranged and performed by Jesse of songs from artists like Elton John, the Clash, AC/DC, the Cars, Springsteen and more. Jesse does not disappoint, so go see him now.

Jesse Dayton
The Bad Hats
Monday, Oct. 7, 6:30pm
Bar None
Bedrock 66 Live!

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