This Kentucky native, specifically from Burlington about 15 miles from the Ohio River town of Cincinnati, brings the country of his state to the forefront, making compelling music with a distinct sense of place as traveling through time. Jeremy Pinnell does what the folks are calling "hardscrabble honky-tonk" and keeps the country rough and ready with an honest and hankering voice fronting songs of twang tweaked to the edge of familiarity, but always with a Pinnell twist to keep the subject down and dirty, yet worthy and worthwhile. He's traveling with a band that brings a standard classic country sound to his songs, offering a lyrical bent that curves its way around a world of sad news and bad blues with messages of hope rummaging around looking for a way out. Rolling Stone Country picked him in 2017 as a new artist and he's best compared with fellow country-type, singer-songwriters Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers and Chris Knight, who are all from the same region.

Jeremy Pinnell
Tom Irwin
Sunday, Dec. 15, 6 p.m.
Bar None
Bedrock 66 Live!

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