Jenna Protz was excited for basketball season and being a freshman playing varsity for the Vandalia Vandals. She was a force on the court and known for her three-pointers. Jenna also played volleyball and softball and qualified for state in discus in junior high. But Jenna was more than her athletic ability.  Known for her silly faces, Jenna didn’t like it when things got too serious and wanted everyone to be happy. If you were lucky and received a gift from her, it was going to be a gift that she handpicked just for you, sometimes even making it herself. Jenna didn’t believe in bullying and teenage drama, and she tried to make everyone feel special.  In one of her last assignments in school, Jenna said, “If I were to create a painting of my digital life so far, I would include all of the sports I play because sports are a big influence in my life. Also, I would include the love for my friends and family because they support me through my everyday life.”  Jenna went on to say how she would want to be remembered.  “Three words I would use to describe my legacy that I want for myself is I am athletic, giving and determined.”  Submitted by her mother, Brenda Baptist Protz

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