Jeff Dunham's "Still Not Canceled" tour comes to Springfield

click to enlarge Jeff Dunham's "Still Not Canceled" tour comes to Springfield

Jeff Dunham's “'Still Not Cancelled” tour rolled through Springfield’s BOS Center on Friday, March 17, packing the house close to full capacity.

Bringing along all his usual characters and professional puppetry, Dunham showed Springfield why he is at the top of his profession with characters like Walter, Achmed, and my favorite, Bubba J. There was no opening act, as Dunham’s opening monologue is considered the opener, therefore giving the audience two-plus hours of well-thought-out, observational comedy from his angry, dimwitted, puppet entourage.

Dunham has been Billboard’s top comedy tour three years in a row. According to Forbes, he is the third highest-paid comedian, just behind Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. Learning ventriloquism at 9 years old has paid off for Jeff Dunham.

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