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Jeff Cordes
Jeff Cordes

With a winning smile and a pocketful of songs, Springfield-based singer-songwriter-entertainer Jeff Cordes brings on the music. Born in the capital city, raised in Lincoln and a graduate of Illinois College with a degree in philosophy, the introspective songsmith spent plenty of time elsewhere traveling and learning, but credits a mysterious “small town on the Sangamon River” as his creative center. After visits to Arizona and Nashville he returned to central Illinois to concentrate on his true love and passion of songwriting and performing. In June of 2015 while playing a gig at Rachel’s Cafe in Bloomington, Ind., Jeff recorded the performance (the whole hilariously told story is on his web site) and decided to release the effort as his first CD, appropriately called, Rachel’s Cafe. Since then, he’s been a busy folk singer, playing the 2015 Illinois State Fair (probably didn’t get paid), local clubs and several festivals, including this weekend at the Rochester Fall Festival and next weekend at Lincoln Memorial Garden’s Indian Summer Festival. Spend some time with Jeff and enjoy his thoughtful songs and fitting music.

Jeff Cordes
Saturday, Oct. 3, 7:30pm
Julia’s Kitchen and Lounge

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