This father and daughter duo from the local music community are both gifted musicians and singers, blessed with powerful and emotive voices that blend with a special harmony reserved for family members who sing together, all while accompanying themselves on piano and guitar. Along with a good selection of original tunes in their collective pockets, these two also perform a wide range of covers from the popular music world including songs by The Beatles, Corinne Bailey Rae, Louis Armstrong, Alicia Keys, Neil Young, Radiohead and several others. You can expect purely solo performances as well as some intertwining of the talented team as they play together and separately swapping songs and sets to keep the music flowing in a familiar and, in this case, familial way. You can catch dad some other time in his group, Astrofix, as they rock their way around the area, but for this Father’s Day weekend, you’ll find him right here playing music to make you feel good, on stage and in tune with one of his daughters.

Jamie and Lilly Merideth
Saturday,June 15, 8pm
Walnut Street Winery

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